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Chong, both heavy marijuana smokers. E.g."It's a right chuffer, breaking my leg just before buttinetten gutschein the football season starts." Chuffer is a euphemism for 'fucker'. A combination of the words calf and ankle. From their clipping of tickets. To talk, to speak. Cream one's jeans / pants / knickers Vrb phrs. A cup of tea or lately also referring to coffee. Very common, usually applied to an unsophisticated and uncultured person. A mild exclamation of surprise or amazement.

From the Romany chiv, or chive, meaning knife Verb. To sully a person's reputation. That which is acceptably fashionable, abb. To pass out due to intoxication or tiredness. Dawn, or specifically the crack of dawn. Of a person, totally incompetent. Usually heard in phrases such as "as useful as a chocolate teapot.".g. To openly reveal one's homosexuality. To tell tales, to lie.

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