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slight chance you might be asked for ID, so US citizens who live near the border should keep this in mind.) Readers report that Canadians can redeem Air Miles for select. Other Places to Buy Advance Purchase Discount Disneyland Tickets Direct Purchase From Disney You can obviously buy Disneyland tickets directly from Disney, but there are no advance purchase discounts schutzklick gutschein online or by phone, except during rare special promotions. Valid only for Annual Passholders with Passports that are valid for admission on day of visit. Lost Disneyland Tickets Very Important Tip! The start date on an Annual Passport that was upgraded from a ticket will be the first day you used the ticket ; you cant get extra days by using a ticket and then upgrading to an annual pass, though you still might want. Thanks to Dawn N for info. That means they can legally be used only by the original purchaser. exclusive: All Disneyland Resort tickets ordered through our link include 400 in digital coupons! Buying each ticket separately. Read our caveats below before purchasing.

Important notes for buying tickets from OTAs: Read the terms and conditions carefully. The discount is valid for members of the DVC members immediate household only. Weve seen things like a disclaimer saying they dont guarantee that your tickets will be valid and will let you into the park (!). You cant combine the value of two tickets to buy one higher-priced ticket or annual pass.

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You may save yourself some time, money and/or aggravation by reading the tips below. You can, of course, leave and return to the same park the same day with any ticket, say to take a midday break or to go to lunch in Downtown Disney. All that hard work should be rewarded! Disneyland ticket discounts if you know where to look. Corporate Discounts For years Disney had contracts with big companies across the USA to offer ticket discounts including eTickets and Annual Passes. What child, when playing with their dozens (and dozens and dozens) of sets of Lego construction blocks, hasnt dreamed of a place where everything is made out of the versatile pieces of plastic? There is at least one very glossy, professional-looking website offering this service, which is possibly fraudulent and definitely against Disneys rules. The park was the third park built in the Walt Disney World Resort complex, completing construction in 1989. San Diego Zoo Discounts - Zoo Membership. Costco - Costco typically has discounted Legoland tickets and package deals.

But they do exist, so when you find one, grab. Here are a few of my favorite. Disneyland coupons for food, tickets, hotels, and more. Need a Disney discount? Learn how to spend less time in line and get more out of your vacation.